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Free initial consultation available to understand your legal options.

Wilking Law Firm

Free initial consultation available to understand your legal options.

Protecting The Rights Of Employees And Injured Parties

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In the field of employment law, it is my opinion that Leo Wilking is one of the top attorneys in North Dakota. In my case, he was thoroughly professional, ethical, dedicated, detail-oriented and a great listener. If you think you have a legal clam arising out of employment, I would recommend Mr. Wilking without reservation.

Sarah M., Grand Forks, North Dakota

Leo Wilking is truly a credit to his profession as an attorney. He is understanding and listens so well. He was extremely helpful at a time in my life when I was very much in need of his help and he worked incredibly hard for me. His fairness, kindness and generosity kept me informed about my case. I couldn’t ask for a better attorney and I have recommended him to others and will continue to do so!

Kay S., Pelican Rapids, Minnesota

I was extremely pleased with the professionalism, concern and results from the the Wilking Law Firm in regards to a recent labor dispute. I believed then and still today that I found the best law firm to handle my case. I would highly recommend Mr. Wilking to anyone.

Mitch R. Fargo, North Dakota

The services I received from Leo Wilking were professional, respectful, and impressive. He exceeded my expectations with his thorough preparation and understanding. I feel Mr. Wilking listened to me and did an outstanding job. I would, without hesitation, recommend him to others that have been wrongly accused.

Caley P., Fargo, North Dakota

I have referred several higher education employment cases to Attorney Leo Wilking. I have always been impressed by his thoughtful approach to each case. He develops a thorough understanding of the policies, procedures and dynamics of the institutional setting, considers alternatives and possible outcomes with the client, and once he is clear on what the client seeks as a resolution, he carries the case to a successful conclusion. I recommend Attorney Wilking with full and complete confidence.

Dr. Daniel R., Fargo, North Dakota

I was terminated from a major facility in North Dakota under false pretenses. I notified the Wilking Law Firm about my case and Leo Wilking did an awesome job of representing me, which resulted in a fair financial settlement and change of status in leaving the facility. I would highly recommend Leo Wilking because he will do an outstanding job in legal representation in any case he takes on.

Donald M., Alexandria, Minnesota

For anyone being treated unfairly in an employment situation, I highly recommend having a conversation with Mr. Wilking. He listens. He asks questions that reflect he is listening. He is thoughtful. When you meet him you know that you have his full attention. He cares that you are being treated in an unfair manner and wants to assist you in improving your situation. He respects your opinions and views and will not rush you into a confrontational, formal legal action. He provides you with an objective assessment of your situation.

Ron J., Fargo, North Dakota