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Protecting The Rights Of Employees And Injured Parties

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Experienced Professional License Defense

Has a Potential Violation Report filed with the North Dakota Board of Nursing by a hospital, nursing home or clinic put your nursing license at risk? Are you a social worker facing discipline by the North Dakota Board of Social Work Examiners? Is your appraisal work being scrutinized by the North Dakota Real Estate Appraiser Qualifications and Ethics Board?

Leo F.J. Wilking has helped clients appearing before these and other state licensing regulatory boards. His experience as a special assistant attorney general for two state agencies and as a skilled litigator has prepared him to protect the future of your professional practice.

Effective Responses To License Challenges In North Dakota

Mr. Wilking handles the defense of various types of allegations which could result in serious discipline, including revocation, of a professional license. This includes:

  • Substance abuse and drug diversion
  • Ethics violations
  • Sexual harassment
  • Gross negligence and professional malpractice
  • Compliance failures

Mr. Wilking can assist with all phases of regulatory board proceedings, including a response to the initial complaint, investigation, negotiation of lesser penalties and, if necessary, an administrative hearing.

Your Initial Consultation With Wilking Law Firm

The stakes are too high for you to select an attorney with little or no experience in this area. For a confidential discussion of your issue or to schedule a conference at our Fargo office, call 701-356-6823 or send an email.